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Comic Book Back Issues and More!

Recently launched, Comic Book Back Issues and More is a helpful one page website, linking out to recommended online retailers for (yes) comic book back issues, as well as action figures, statues, t-shirts, collecting supplies, and more.

The site includes a breakdown of comic book eras — including of course the Copper Age — and is careful to not recommend one single online retailer across the board for back issues from all periods. For example, MyComicShop.com is the go-to for most Modern, most Copper, and some Bronze Age back issues, however for Silver, Golden, and other key issues, eBay or a premium retailer such as MetropolisComics.com may be the way to go.

Oh, and yes, that’s a badass Jim Lee Storm to the right!

Lita Ford – “Kiss Me Deadly”

Last Starfighter Trailer, 1984

A couple of years after Tron, still early computer animation…it was gettin’ there!

Uncle Elmer’s Wedding, 1985

Justice League Sourcebook Promo Poster, 1989

To promote the Mayfair Games RPG…

Mutant Massacre Map Promo Poster, 1986

So you could keep up with the carnage…

CNN’s Moneyline reports on the formation of Image Comics, 1992

Hey, what determined 1991 as being the end of the Copper Age of Comics? Well, this in early 1992. Note that there is no actual mention of “Image” in the news piece…