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Hey yo, it’s like, Lobo

Justice League International Issues 18 and 19, from 1988

Often considered DC’s over-the-top answer to Wolverine, Lobo was / is a very fun character, both on a visual level and the intergalactic badass lines spewing out of his mouth.

Lobo caught fire with his Justice League appearances in the late ’80s (possibly our . . . → Read More: Hey yo, it’s like, Lobo

The ’80s Black & White Boom / Bust

We’ve blogged previously about The Adventurers and Grips, two of the hottest books of the mid ’80s black & white independent deluge…

…in doing some research on the b & w boom / bust, we dug up a great piece by Dave Olbrich, the founding publisher of Malibu Comics. In it, Dave details . . . → Read More: The ’80s Black & White Boom / Bust

Wrestlemania III: Piper vs. Adonis

Sure, 1987′s Wrestlemania III is legendary for Andre vs. Hulk and Steamboat vs. Savage, but until recently I’d forgotten how entertaining the Piper vs. Adonis match was!

The set-up, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The feud between Adrian Adonis and Roddy Piper began when, following a leave of absence from the WWF, Piper returned to find his Piper’s . . . → Read More: Wrestlemania III: Piper vs. Adonis

Moebius / Epic

Moebius 4: The Long Tomorrow

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Marvel’s Epic imprint produced some beautiful material. Case-in-point is Epic’s graphic novel imports (utilizing Marvel’s then standard graphic “album” size / dimensions) of French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius‘ material.

I praised DC’s late ’80s art direction and packaging design . . . → Read More: Moebius / Epic

Slash Maraud

Alright, I confess I currently own only one issue of this limited series from ’87 / ’88, but the other fives issues are on my (substantial) want list.

Slash Maraud 1

Immediately following their core character reboots (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.), DC started churning out all kinds of other stuff — good . . . → Read More: Slash Maraud

Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!

Grips 1

Founded by Kris Silver in ’86, Silverwolf Comics‘ instant flagship title was the ultra-violent, ultra-bloody, ultra, ultra, ultra Grips.

A sort of fusion of Marvel’s prominent badass / vigilante characters (Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil), Grips featured dynamic shots of slicin’ and dicin’ and body parts aflyin’. Highly detailed pen and ink artwork, . . . → Read More: Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!

Royal Rumble ’89

Yep, Very Fine / Near Mint is primarily a comic book nostalgia blog, but we’ll be regularly mixing in some of our other favorite pop-culture from the Copper Age years (roughly ’84 – ’91).

Right up there with our favorite WWF sequences of the ’80s, is the first six minutes of the 1989 Royal Rumble. Talk about . . . → Read More: Royal Rumble ’89