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Batman 400

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this Copper Age comic only became part of my collection recently, 23 years after it hit stands.

Batman 400 I think sometimes get overlooked; when collectors think of key Batman issues of the ’80s, they usually rattle off Dark Knight, The Killing Joke, Year One (Batman issues 404 – 407), and A Death in the Family (Batman issues 426 – 429). We’ll cover all of those in future blogs.

A phenomenal anniversary issue, Batman 400 features 68 pages of the Batman rogue gallery escaping Arkham Asylum…courtesy of writer Doug Moench, and a who’s who of A-list artists including Brian Bolland, Art Adams, George Perez, and Jo Kubert. Also included is Stephen King’s essay, “Why I Chose Batman.”

Killer cover by Bill Sienkiewicz; the cover image was so striking, that DC showcased it on the back cover as well, sans trade dress.

Back and Front Covers of Batman 400

Back and Front Covers of Batman 400

For whatever reason, I never snagged Batman 400 off the rack in ’86. I do remember having a copy in my hands from a back issue bin maybe a year later, but ended up passing. Maybe I didn’t have the $8 to $15 it was going for at the time…

…and then 23 years go by! So, in the past month I was fortunate enough to pick-up two copies on eBay, at very decent prices; a reader copy in F / VF condition, and then a CGC 9.6 copy…my first CGC book. For me personally, Batman 400 epitomizes a book I’d want to own slabbed; a Copper Age key from a very important time in the Batman mythos, and Sienkiewicz’s brilliant painted cover front and back.

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If you’re looking for a copy of Batman 400, first check the back issue selection at your local retailer or convention! Next recommendation is eBay, and then mycomicshop.com.

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