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The Adventurers

First published in 1986 by Aircel Comics, The Adventurers quickly became one of the hottest books of the mid ’80s black & white indie avalanche.

Well, categorizing the interiors as “black & white” actually doesn’t do the book justice, as Peter Hsu’s art was much more of a beautiful grayscale. Looking back now, Hsu’s interior illustrations were probably achieved with a mixture of graphite and ink wash, or hey, maybe they were all done in color, and just reproduced in black & white.

Adventurers 1 Variant

Adventurers 1 Variant

The covers of course were full color, and here’s where we get into the real “chase” book of the series…the limited variant cover of issue 1 (aka, the “nude” cover), was fetching in the $25 to $50 range circa ’86 / ’87.

The Adventurers publication history is slightly confusing, but here’s basically what we pulled together from online resources: Aircel put out issues 1 (both covers) and 2, and then the series continued on under Adventure Publications (who also put out a second printing of the first issue, giving that issue three covers total). The original Adventurers series ran until issue 10, and then was followed by two sequel series, differentiated with Book II and Book III. Akin to X-Men, some characters were spun-off into their own series, such as Elf Warrior and Ninja Elite.

Well by ’88 or ’89, the series had cooled off, and yep, that issue 1 variant was devaluing…but you can’t dispute The Adventurers’ quality, and its moment as a hot indie book was much deserved.

More info / resources:

AtomicAvenue.com has a brief synopsis of the series.

If you’re looking for back issues, our first recommendation is always to support your local retailer! However, if you like the convenience of shopping online, head over to mycomicshop.com, and search for “Adventurers,” “Elf Warrior, ” etc.!

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  • Adventure

    I believe Hsu inked & airbrushed over his pencils to get the look. It only lasted through issue 9, issue 10 & all ok Books II & III are traditional pencil/ink. The only other book to rival this quality of B&W art is Warlock 5.

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