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Conan 241

McFarlane's cover for Conan 241

McFarlane's cover for Conan 241

File this one under, “Oh sh*t, I forgot about that!”

By the (very) early ’90s, Marvel’s original,  long-running Conan series I guess was really running out of steam. In an effort to boost sales, they threw some money at the book (I’m assuming), and hired a string of hot artists for the covers…starting with Todd McFarlane on issue 241.

Jim Lee followed on 242, Whilce Portacio did 243, and then there was a mix of Art Adams, and one of my favorite cover artists ever, Steve Lightle.

From my recollection, the covers did work for a short time; at the very least issues 241 and 242 were hot back issues — going for $3 to $5 a pop — and generated some new interest in Conan.

Well, Marvel’s Conan did hang in there for another two years or so, finally getting the (barbaric) ax in 1993, with issue 275. When looking at back issue pricing for the series, I was somewhat amazed that the last five to ten issues of the series are getting a little pricey…

…but hey, then it made sense; similarly to Marvel’s Star Wars title, the issues towards the end of the run had a low print run / distribution. (More about those late Marvel Star Wars issues in a future blog!)

More info / resources:

Conan.com is the official Robert E. Howard website.

If you’re looking for Conan back issues, your first stop should be your local comic shop or convention. However for online shopping, we recommend mycomicshop.com!

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