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Royal Rumble ’89

Yep, Very Fine / Near Mint is primarily a comic book nostalgia blog, but we’ll be regularly mixing in some of our other favorite pop-culture from the Copper Age years (roughly ’84 – ’91).

Right up there with our favorite WWF sequences of the ’80s, is the first six minutes of the 1989 Royal Rumble. Talk about creative writing: the Rumble’s first entrant was Ax of Demolition, and then number two was Smash of Demolition. So, you’ve got the then tag team champions going at each other for two minutes…

…only for Andre the Giant to enter at number three, and take on both of them! Mr. Perfect then comes in at number four. (The ultimate winner was Big John Studd, who was making a comeback to the WWF as a good guy aka a “face.”)

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura’s rapport / commentary was engaging and hilarious as usual. Enjoy…

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