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Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!

Grips 1

Grips 1

Founded by Kris Silver in ’86, Silverwolf Comics‘ instant flagship title was the ultra-violent, ultra-bloody, ultra, ultra, ultra Grips.

A sort of fusion of Marvel’s prominent badass / vigilante characters (Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil), Grips featured dynamic shots of slicin’ and dicin’ and body parts aflyin’. Highly detailed pen and ink artwork, courtesy of Tim Vigil.

Grips was a very hot independent in ’86, its first issue was going for in the $15 to $25 range. Then it cooled off for a couple of years, only to heat up again when Vigil went even more over-the-top with Faust, which generated new interest in his earlier work.

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We encourage(!) you to pick-up a copy of the original, first issue of Grips; the graphic violence is actually…well…funny. Think of it in the way RoboCop was so ridiculous, in the best kind of way.

See if your local comic shop has a copy available, and if not, mycomicshop.com has it at a steal of a price!

1 comment to Hey, it’s Wolver…I mean, it’s Grips!

  • Tony

    I laughed out loud (no, seriously) when I saw this headline/article. I remember seeing this on the stands and just being very “WTF”….

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