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Slash Maraud

Alright, I confess I currently own only one issue of this limited series from ’87 / ’88, but the other fives issues are on my (substantial) want list.

Slash Maraud 1

Slash Maraud 1

Immediately following their core character reboots (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.), DC started churning out all kinds of other stuff — good stuff — in the mid to late ’80s. Some of these were within the main DC Universe, some weren’t, some were limited series, some were ongoings.

Slash Maraud was a six-issue limited series by frequent collaborators Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy. As was the case with most comics that caught my eye on the rack, was the phenomenally rendered cover art; with Slash Maraud, it was Gulacy’s realistic high contrast style, complimented by DC’s outstanding packaging / art direction.  By the late ’80s, DC’s logo design, production, and packaging was hitting an all-time high…Slash Maraud particularly exemplified it.

More info / resources:

A story synopsis / review is here, and Paul Gulacy’s official site is here.

Fortunately, Slash Maraud back issues are very affordable…pick ‘em up! Check your local comic shop or convention dealers first, and there’s always mycomicshop.com!

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  • Tony

    Funny how, at a glance, this character resembles DC’s Garth Ennis-John McCrea created character HITMAN….