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Moebius 4: The Long Tomorrow

Moebius 4: The Long Tomorrow

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Marvel’s Epic imprint produced some beautiful material. Case-in-point is Epic’s graphic novel imports (utilizing Marvel’s then standard graphic “album” size / dimensions) of French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius‘ material.

I praised DC’s late ’80s art direction and packaging design in our previous blog on Slash Maraud, but what was going on at Epic was on the same level. Gorgeous use of typography and pastel colored framing on the Moebius stuff.

Previews of Epic’s Moebius line ran in Marvel Age, and I remember reading that this was the first time Moebius had seen his artwork printed on anything less than high quality paper — the Marvel Age interiors were of course on the standard comic newsprint of the time — and Moebius was actually impressed in how well the stuff held up. This eventually led to the two-issue standard format mini Moebius did with Stan Lee, Silver Surfer: Parable.

More info / Resources:

Moebius’ official website (in French!) is here, and a Google search of his artwork is here.

The Moebius Epic graphic novels are long out of print, so your local comic retailer or eBay are your better bets!

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