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Hey yo, it’s like, Lobo

Justice League International Issues 18 and 19

Justice League International Issues 18 and 19, from 1988

Often considered DC’s over-the-top answer to Wolverine, Lobo was / is a very fun character, both on a visual level and the intergalactic badass lines spewing out of his mouth.

Lobo caught fire with his Justice League appearances in the late ’80s (possibly our favorite series ever, which we’ll save for a future blog), which earned him his own four-issue mini in 1990, followed by various one-shots and other guest appearances…during all of this, his first appearance in Omega Men #3 became a chase issue, going for $8 – $12.

Lobo 1 Cover from 1990

Lobo 1 Cover from 1990

It seemed like everyone bought the 1990 mini, and hey, for good reason: written by Justice League’s Keith Giffen (with Alan Grant), with interiors and KILLER covers by Simon Bisley.

Lobo was also one of the most speculated on books of the time…remember, this was when you had the influx of baseball card dealers getting into comics, aside from all the comic collector / investor types.

Quick note about issue 2: it’s got a Predator 2 promotional insert sort of thing, that folds out to reveal a full shot of the (then new) Predator, detailing his weaponry and stuff…it’s pretty cool, actually. Not sure if this insert was in all or select DC comics that month, or possibly just in the second Lobo issue. Which would make sense, perfect target audience; Predator 2 after all, was a Rated R bloodbath!

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Well, as Lobo was heavily speculated on, there’s a ton of them out there for dirt cheap…if you didn’t pick it up originally, get ‘em now! Check your local comic shop, or if you prefer to order online, we like mycomicshop.com.

Looking for a trade paperback? Head over to the Copper Age Comics aStore! It’s in the DC – Justice League section, along with the related JLI trades.

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