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Conan 241

McFarlane's cover for Conan 241

File this one under, “Oh sh*t, I forgot about that!”

By the (very) early ’90s, Marvel’s original,  long-running Conan series I guess was really running out of steam. In an effort to boost sales, they threw some money at the book (I’m assuming), and hired a string of hot artists . . . → Read More: Conan 241

Batman 400

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this Copper Age comic only became part of my collection recently, 23 years after it hit stands.

Batman 400 I think sometimes get overlooked; when collectors think of key Batman issues of the ’80s, they usually rattle off Dark Knight, The Killing Joke, Year One (Batman issues 404 – 407), and . . . → Read More: Batman 400

The Adventurers

First published in 1986 by Aircel Comics, The Adventurers quickly became one of the hottest books of the mid ’80s black & white indie avalanche.

Well, categorizing the interiors as “black & white” actually doesn’t do the book justice, as Peter Hsu’s art was much more of a beautiful grayscale. Looking back now, Hsu’s interior illustrations were . . . → Read More: The Adventurers

Our inaugural post!

Hey, thanks for finding our blog!

Very Fine / Near Mint is a comic book nostalgia blog, fondly remembering the “Copper Age of Comics,” that spanned from 1984-1991 (give or take a year in either direction.)

While we’re of course nostalgic about the comics produced during the Copper Age, we’ll also fondly look back at the . . . → Read More: Our inaugural post!