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Havok & Wolverine

Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown issue 1

Well, our previous blog was on DC’s Cosmic Odyssey, so hey, here’s Marvel’s big prestige format limited series from right around the same time.

Written by the Simonsons, 1988′s Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown was published through Marvel’s Epic imprint. As Walter (Simonson) explained in an interview that . . . → Read More: Havok & Wolverine

Cosmic Odyssey

Cosmic Odyssey, issue 1

In the ’80s — before anyone knew what the hell Hellboy was — Mike Mignola was vaulting up the comic book artist ranks with covers for Cloak & Dagger, Alpha Flight, and probably most famously for the Batman: Death in the Family arc.

Then, late ’88 brought . . . → Read More: Cosmic Odyssey

Survivor Series ’87

During this Thanksgiving time of reflection, let’s reflect back on what we should all be thankful for…’80s wrestling!

It was twenty two years ago when the (then) WWF introduced its annual Thanksgiving extravaganza, the Survivor Series. Wikipedia has a solid write-up on it, but a quick summary:

Randy Savage’s team (Savage recently had a face turn aka became . . . → Read More: Survivor Series ’87

The Rocketeer

The Complete Rocketeer will be released in early December, through IDW Publishing.

AWESOME. Awesome, awesome, f’in awesome.

When IDW first announced back in March The Complete Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, it instantly went on our wish list. Originally scheduled for an October release, it now hits in early December.

From . . . → Read More: The Rocketeer

Phil Zimelman

Punisher limited series issue 5. Cover pencils by Mike Zeck, which were then airbrushed over by Phil Zimelman.

When I started collecting comics hardcore in 1986 (meaning, monthly or bi-weekly visits to an actual comic shop), one of the first comics I snapped off the rack was Punisher issue 5 — that’d be the . . . → Read More: Phil Zimelman

Yes – “Lift Me Up”

Classic / Progressive Rock band Yes released Union in 1991, their thirteenth studio album…well, actually, I can’t explain it any better than some of the reviews on Amazon, so I’m just gonna lift directly from one:

“By the late ’80s there were basically two versions of Yes out in the world. . . . → Read More: Yes – “Lift Me Up”

The Prisoner

Prisoner, Book A, by Dean Motter

Tomorrow (Sunday, 11/15/09) brings us AMC’s update of The Prisoner, starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen…so, nice timing for this short post on DC’s Prisoner sequel from late ’88 / early ’89, written and illustrated by Dean Motter.

I remember some sharply designed DC house . . . → Read More: The Prisoner