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The Prisoner

Prisoner, Book A, by Dean Motter

Prisoner, Book A, by Dean Motter

Tomorrow (Sunday, 11/15/09) brings us AMC’s update of The Prisoner, starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen…so, nice timing for this short post on DC’s Prisoner sequel from late ’88 / early ’89, written and illustrated by Dean Motter.

I remember some sharply designed DC house ads for this four-issue mini, but thought to myself, “What the hell is The Prisoner?” Then I guess I read somewhere that it was a cult British TV show from the late ’60s, and DC secured the rights for a sequel / continuation of sorts in comic book form. If anything, it was a beautiful showcase for Dean Motter’s design work!

More info / resources:

Just head over to Wikipedia for an explanation of the television series

…and the DC back issues are a steal on mycomicshop.com!

2 comments to The Prisoner

  • Wow! What a site. You have a real knack for making a blog readable and easy on the eyes. Some sites look like train wrecks, but not this one – it’s a pleasure to read. Thanks for having it. I have started a blog with a few clips from both the original series and some previews of the remake. Please check out my site – it is at http://www.NoManIsJustANumber.com – and let me know what you think of it. Be seeing you.

  • Tony

    The Prisoner is a great show – I got very into it when I was around 12/13. I remember my parents buying me (through some mail-order catalog I found) the classic Prisoner episode “The Chimes of Big Ben” for my birthday. What an odd gift for a 12/13 yr. old to ask for. *lol* but they obliged. Anyway, this comic miniseries was ok, not superb… but it was cool to have a Prisoner comic. I knew of Dean Motter’s MR. X comic work in general, but wasn’t all that familiar with his work when this came out.

    have heard very lukewarm/some negative reviews of the new McKellen/Caviezel series. Will check it out eventually…

    (also notable in terms of weird cult/obsure British geek-fan TV shows that later became comics, Grant Morrison wrote a 3-issue miniseries of THE AVENGERS, which had to be retitled “Steel & Ms. Peel” because, you know, you can’t call a comic book THE AVENGERS since Marvel’s already kind of got that one covered… It was a fun tribute to the wacky Diana Rigg show, and Morrison got to pull out his cheeky, warped British sensibilities and doubtless fulfill a childhood dream, in writing a Steed/Peel comic adventure. I don’t recall what company published it… I used to own it – as well as the Dean Motter PRISONER miniseries before I sold the entirety of my collection last year. I remember thinking how fun it was that they ‘numbered’ the Prisoner mini ‘Books A, B, C and D’ – that subtle bit of giving numbers letter names had never been done in comics, not to mention nod to the title character’s refusal to be categorized as a number)

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