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Cosmic Odyssey

Cosmic Odyssey, issue 1

Cosmic Odyssey, issue 1

In the ’80s — before anyone knew what the hell Hellboy was — Mike Mignola was vaulting up the comic book artist ranks with covers for Cloak & Dagger, Alpha Flight, and probably most famously for the Batman: Death in the Family arc.

Then, late ’88 brought us DC’s four-issue prestige format mini-series, Cosmic Odyssey.

A great looking book, Cosmic Odyssey teamed Mignola with Jim Starlin, whose writing work is most associated with superheroes in outer space type stuff.

The story? Well, it’s a quasi Justice League / New Gods team-up, saving the universe from…you know, bad stuff from happening. Well, I really enjoyed it at the time, and still do…probably the apex of Mignola’s traditional superhero illustration, and I can’t not mention Steve Oliff’s gorgeous coloring. Remember, this was still pre-digital!

More info / resources:

Wikipedia has a detailed plot summary

…if you’re looking for the original issues (which we encourage you to add to your collection!), first try your local comic shop. Our online recommendation is mycomicshop.com, which has all four issues at bargain prices.

Trade paperback collected edition? It’s in the Justice League section of the Copper Age Comics aStore!

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