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Marvel's two issue adaptation of the film "2010." Cover paintings by Tom Palmer.

Wow, only a couple of days away from a new year, and a new decade.

Well, 2010 is one of my favorite sci-fi movies, and I think highly underrated. Released by MGM in 1984 (the first year of the Copper Age of . . . → Read More: 2010

Batman: Son of the Demon

Hardcover and Softcover editions of 1987's Batman: Son of the Demon.

Released as a hardcover original graphic novel in September 1987 (a softcover edition followed that December), Batman: Son of the Demon is to me, a significant Copper Age book, in that:

1) It was the first major “outside of the monthly series” . . . → Read More: Batman: Son of the Demon

Reagan’s Raiders

Solson Publications' Reagan's Raiders, from 1986.

When it came to “anything goes” ridiculousness during the ’80s Black & White Boom, one of the most notorious companies was Solson Publications. Per its Wikipedia entry:

The company was founded by Gary Brodsky, son of long-time Marvel Comics executive Sol Brodsky; the name of . . . → Read More: Reagan’s Raiders

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

The 25th anniversary of Live Aid will be rolling around this July, so we’ll save a full blog about that event until then…

…for now, here’s the live version of, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?,” which capped off the UK (Wembley Stadium) half of the concert.

There’s a lot of legends on . . . → Read More: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Marvel Age 61

Marvel Age issue 61, from late '87.

If you actively collected comics during the Copper Age (again, roughly ’84 – ’91), chances are you picked up at least one copy of Marvel Age…probably many.

Marvel Age was of course, “The Official Marvel News Magazine,” which featured coming attractions, preview pages, interviews with Marvel . . . → Read More: Marvel Age 61

Action Comics Annual 1

Action Comics Annual 1, from 1987.

When you say “Art Adams” and “Annual,” what probably comes to mind are the four X-Men annuals he pencilled for Marvel…

…sometimes overlooked is his work on DC’s Action Comics Annual 1 from 1987.

Before I go into the annual’s actual story, just wanna . . . → Read More: Action Comics Annual 1


From late '86, Blackthorne Publishing's Roachmill issue 1. The series later moved to Dark Horse.

Sorry I fell behind with updates…I was busy doing absolutely nothing.

If you haven’t yet picked-up on it, the blog pattern on Very Fine / Near Mint is usually a post on a Copper Age Independent . . . → Read More: Roachmill