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Reagan’s Raiders

Solson Publications' Reagan's Raiders, from 1986.

Solson Publications' Reagan's Raiders, from 1986.

When it came to “anything goes” ridiculousness during the ’80s Black & White Boom, one of the most notorious companies was Solson Publications. Per its Wikipedia entry:

The company was founded by Gary Brodsky, son of long-time Marvel Comics executive Sol Brodsky; the name of the company was derived from Brodsky’s name: “Sol’s son” = Solson.

The only Solson comic I bought when it originally came out was their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teach Karate, however, I’ve started collecting some of their “so-stupid-I-have-to-have-it” titles. All were very short-lived, and I believe some that were advertised back in the day were never actually published. (I have yet to see proof that Iron Maidens ever saw print.)

Anyway, ya’ can’t get more ’80s than Ronald Reagan, right? Solson had the 40th President leading the ultimate patriotic superhero team in Reagan’s Raiders, which, at three issues, was one of Solson’s longest running titles.

The series description, from Toonopedia:

The basic idea was to go the 1960s TV cartoon Super President one better, putting presidential incumbent Ronald Reagan himself, along with several top members of his administration, in red, white and blue costumes like Captain America’s or The Shield’s, and sending them out to do superhero work among the rice paddies and sand dunes of America’s most hated enemies. This was accomplished by means of a technological marvel invented by a Professor Cashchaser, that gave the Raiders the bodies of young men (and instantly instilled commando training too, apparently).

The stories were just packed with the visceral thrills of seeing America’s Main Man in action. And that’s not all! They were also packed with amazingly dumb, campy references to Ron’s film career. This comic book version of Reagan seemed to have trouble distinguishing between movies and reality — which, of course, many political pundits would have thought made it true to life, if they’d been aware of the comic’s existence.

Personally, I was totally aware of the title when it was out, as back issues of it were featured in some of the mail order catalogs I’d get…

…however, I still don’t yet own any issues of this piece of Americana, but believe me, it’s towards the top of my lengthy back issue want list. I’m serious. I have your number, Reagan!

More info / resources:

Hey, I almost dare you to walk into your local comic shop and ask for this…but ya’ know what, you might get a nostalgic smirk from the store owner, if he was dealing (or collecting) comics in the ’80s.

Me? I’ll probably be ordering Reagan’s Raiders from mycomicshop.com!

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