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Dark Knight Promotional Relief

darkknightrelieffixedSure, at first glance that might look to be the cover of Dark Knight issue 2 (well, more like an interior shot from that issue, a very similar pose), but nah…

…this be the Dark Knight promotional relief, distributed to comic book stores ahead of the series!

A couple of these recently were available on eBay; like the Flash poster I passed on, I regret not scooping up this one as well. But give me some credit for showing budgetary restraint!

Okay, the pic you see was lifted from the eBay auction, and I had to do some Photoshop clean-up, as the original pic was on the shitty side. Hopefully you can sorta perceive what is going on here, that it’s a puffy relief sort of thing, has some depth to it.

I do clearly remember seeing one of these for real, in the NJ comic shop I started going to in ’86; I started coincidentally collecting comics on a monthly basis right as Dark Knight hit. The promotional relief I remember as hanging on a wall, but it’s possible it had a fold out stand in back, to rest upright on a counter.

As for the relief’s specs, per the eBay auction: measures 9 1/2 inches by 13 inches, over an inch thick, made of brittle plastic. The seller said it was a distributor warehouse find. I’m gonna guess it was from the Staten Island, NY based Comics Unlimited, who were a strong distributor to Northeast accounts during the Copper Age.

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