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Second issue of 1987's Underworld, from DC Comics.

Second issue of 1987's Underworld, from DC Comics. Written by Robert Loren Fleming, and illustrated by Ernie Colon.

You know how you’ve got random single issues of obscure series in your collection, and really can’t remember how they got there? I’m not even talking about an issue 1, I’m talkin’ just a truly random issue.

One of those for me, is Underworld issue 2, cover dated January ’88 (Which probably means it came out a few months earlier, in late ’87).

Underworld was a four-issue gritty crime mini-series from DC, published at a time when they were throwing a lot of experimental non-DC universe stuff out there. As for how issue 2 found its way into my collection, well, I probably liked the “hanging upside-down with blood” cover, and bought it off the rack!

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Well, after twenty plus years of only having this single issue of Underworld

…will go hunt down the other three issues at my local comic shop (which I always try to support first), but if no luck there, will head over to mycomicshop.com!

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  • Truly random issues! That is so true! I had several and then years later I ended up trying to get the whole series just to fill it out. Hex from DC, I had #2, and I loved that one as a kid but never bought another until just a couple years ago when I bought the rest of the 18 issues.

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