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American Comics Back Issue Ad, 1987

American Comics were a back issue retailer who advertised frequently in mainstream Marvel comics during the Copper Age. Scan below is from one of their 1987 ads, followed by some blow-ups of specific title listings…





More info / resources:

Well, I should make clear that this ad expired on November 30, 1987. (Sorry if you were gonna go for a grab bag!)

We’ve had a previous blog on The Adventurers here.

Carl Potts talked about the Punisher “unlimited” series in our interview with him here.

And Tony Wolf talked about buying the third printing of TMNT‘s first issue (at cover price!) off the rack, in our interview with him here!

1 comment to American Comics Back Issue Ad, 1987

  • T.R.

    Strikeforce: Morituri! Love it! Didn’t I read somewhere that about 8 years ago, someone in Hollywood was going to develop that into a TV show? Or did I dream this?

    Also, love the “New Superman by Byrne – HOT!” listing. Too funny.

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