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American Comics Back Issue Ad, 1987

American Comics were a back issue retailer who advertised frequently in mainstream Marvel comics during the Copper Age. Scan below is from one of their 1987 ads, followed by some blow-ups of specific title listings…

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Well, I should make clear . . . → Read More: American Comics Back Issue Ad, 1987

Iron Maidens

Okay, following-up on our post about Reagan’s Raiders, we still defy someone to prove that Solson did actually publish Iron Maidens. House ad for it (above, obviously) appeared in Solson comics in 1987 — artwork by Rich Buckler — but don’t think the series ever actually materialized…let us know, if you know different!

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I got Rocket Blocked!

Oy vay. Well, this is basically an update to our previous Rockeeter blog, where we eagerly anticipated the release of IDW Publishing’s complete collection of the classic Dave Stevens series — in standard and deluxe formats.

I had the deluxe edition on my radar since it was announced back in March ’09, and . . . → Read More: I got Rocket Blocked!

Doom Patrol House Ad, 1987

House ad that ran in some DC titles, summer of ’87. We’ll have a future blog about the actual Doom . . . → Read More: Doom Patrol House Ad, 1987

Great Eastern Conventions, July 1989

If you collected Marvel comics in the late ’80s / early ’90s, you were no stranger to the frequent half-page ads from Great Eastern Conventions…and you really took note if you lived in the NYC or Philly area! (Very good chance I was at the Paramus show, listed above.)

We’ve (finally!) started to . . . → Read More: Great Eastern Conventions, July 1989


Shatter Special from 1985, released by First Comics before the regualr series.

If you’re lookin’ for the pixelated look, here it is. But don’t blame the way-ahead-of-the-curve Mike Saenz for the blockiness, as it was the best he could do (the best anyone could do), drawing comics digitally in 1985. Yep, it’s . . . → Read More: Shatter


Aaaaaaahhh, as a teenager in late ’80s (North) Jersey, there was no greater shopping destination than the mall-littered mecca of Paramus, NJ. And straight out of Paramus was Trixter, one of last bands of the Hair Metal era to make it big, before the whole thing imploded.

As we consider the . . . → Read More: Trixter