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Flash House Ad, 1987

I assure you, we will have a blog about DC’s excellent 1987 Flash relaunch…below is the house ad for it. Be sure to compare it to the Flash promotional poster on this previous blog!


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  • This was really a terrific series – and perhaps the first major ‘relaunch’ in comics history, and (as Mark Waid has said) the first and only character to truly fulfill (in any enduring way) the ‘promise of the sidekick.’

    Plus: Kilg%re! Great character, great name, and great concept!

    William Messner-Loebs’ run, once Baron left, is very strong as well.

    Jackson Guice has always been a consummate illustrator and reliable go-to guy for just about any style of story. I note with some interest his switching from “Jackson” to “Butch” to “Jackson ‘Butch’ ” through the years, as far as how he wants to be identified. I’ve never seen a picture of the guy, though, or seen him at a convention.

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