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Predator 2 Fold-Out, 1990

Mentioned in our Lobo post, here’s finally a scan (pieced together!) of the 1990 Predator 2 fold-out poster insert, found within Lobo issue 2.

Possibly difficult to fathom now, but at one time the Predator franchise wasn’t produced into the ground; remember, mini-poster below was to hype us for the first sequel in . . . → Read More: Predator 2 Fold-Out, 1990

Diamond Previews Ad, 1990

Nope, this wasn’t an ad within Previews, it was an ad for Previews!

This was of course before Diamond secured their monopoly, and retailers (comic shop owners) could purchase products wholesale from several different distributors. Diamond was growing, growing, growing, but not yet the only game in town…

. . . → Read More: Diamond Previews Ad, 1990

Living Colour – “Glamour Boys”

Sure, “Cult of Personality” off of 1988′s Vivid is their anthem song, but I really liked the funk / reggae-ish sound of “Glamour Boys,” that was later released from the album…and hey, there’s lead singer Corey Glover reading 2000 A.D. on . . . → Read More: Living Colour – “Glamour Boys”

It’s Contra!

It’s about time there’s a video game post on this friggin’ blog!

Contra is usually considered one of the greatest games ever for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System; if you were of video game playing age in the late ’80s, you probably spent hours playing it, as I did. And also without . . . → Read More: It’s Contra!

American Comics “GI Joe #2″ Ad, 1986

Well, not the most respectable ad from back issue retailer American Comics. Let’s take a look first; the full page ad, followed by a blow-up of the G.I. Joe section…

Okay, so, this ad is from mid ’86; Marvel’s G.I. Joe was without a doubt one of the hottest . . . → Read More: American Comics “GI Joe #2″ Ad, 1986

American Flagg 50 House Ad, 1987

. . . → Read More: American Flagg 50 House Ad, 1987

John Fogerty with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir

Amazing classic rock team-up.

John Fogerty had of course made his mid ’80s comeback with the excellent Centerfield album, and The Dead had their biggest commercial hit single with their late ’80s “Touch of Grey.” As both CCR (Fogerty) and The Dead were classic rock bands from California, the huge crowd in Oakland, . . . → Read More: John Fogerty with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir