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Entertainment This Month Spider-Man Ad, 1990

Actually, I believe this was retailer American Comics, under their new mail-order catalog name, “Entertainment This Month,” aka “ETM.” Below is the full-page Spring 1990 ad (that ran in Marvel titles), follow by a blow-up of the McFarlane Spidey section…



Well, you can see they were catering to the speculator market at the time, with their “10 or more” deal.

Point of confusion though — which I’ll try to research — is their guaranteeing orders (by June 1st, 1990) of the Limited Editions, which I assume are the bagged editions…

…if I remember correctly, there was a set number of bagged copies produced, and there was an allocation of them based on orders for the regular copies. So, when all the math was said and done, a retailer would say be allocated one copy of the Silver bagged edition, for every twenty-two copies they ordered of the Silver non-bagged edition. (I somehow remember that 1:22 ratio being the case, but could be way off.) No matter what, I don’t think anyone could guarantee a customer an unlimited number of bagged editions — even with advance orders — as the pre-determined print run was not intended to accommodate that!

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