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Walt Disney World Information Channel, 1987

Do it all at Disney!

Do it all at Disney!

Hey, you know how you’ve got a list (not necessarily written), of difficult-to-find videos you hope finally show up on YouTube? And then you do a search for them every few months, or so?

FINALLY, one of the ones I’ve been waiting years for surfaced, and man was it a tall order…a tape of the Walt Disney World Information Channel, from the ’80s. The guy who posted it (thank you!) says he recorded it in 1987; he was seven years old at the time, staying with his family at one of the resort cottages near the Disney Inn.

What the tape is: if you stayed on-site at Disney World (in one of their Disney owned hotels), on Channel 5 they ran an informational “guided tour” that ran 15 to 20 minutes, on a continuous loop. It was oddly entertaining (well, charming), providing overviews of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the now extinct River Country, etc.

Tape below is in two parts, from 1987. Mind you, this was before Disney added MGM, Animal Kingdom, and all those additional hotels, water parks, and other attractions in the years since. A “simpler” time at Disney World, if you will…if you visited from say ’83 to ’88, this is how it was.

So, here it is, for those of you in the US who aren’t able to get away this Memorial Day weekend, enjoy taking this nostalgia trip to Orlando…

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