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Secret Wars Hype Box and House Ad, 1984

Here on Very Fine / Near Mint, we define the Copper Age (as eBay does) as spanning from 1984 – 1991; for the most part, bookend-ed by 1984′s Secret Wars and 1991′s X-Men #1 (the Jim Lee series). Though, note that even though that X-Men series launched in summer of ’91, we also throw in comics from the rest of that year in our Key Copper Age Comics timline.

So, from early 1984, here are promotions for what we now recognize as ushering in the Copper Age! The “Hype Box” for Secret Wars from Marvel’s Bullpen Bulletins page, followed by the Secret Wars house ad. Oh, and (pretty easy) trivia question: Which character appeared in the house ad, but was then excluded from the actual cover for Secret Wars issue one?!



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