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Stars Wars 3-D House Ad, 1987

As discussed on this previous blog, I think by the mid-’80s, people were all Star Wars-ed out (for the time being), and Marvel’s Star Wars series came to an end with issue 107.

Regarding Blackthorne’s Star Wars 3-D series, promoted below, some thoughts on them having the Star Wars license at the time, 1) Was Marvel’s exclusive license to publish Star Wars comics “given up” when they ended their series (a clause in the agreement)?, 2) Maybe it was a ten year agreement, commencing with the release year of Star Wars, so 1977 – 1987?, 3) Perhaps Marvel’s comic license wasn’t ever actually exclusive?, 4) Maybe Marvel’s license excluded rights to publish sequential Star Wars stories in 3-D?

Well, whatever was the case, here’s what Blackthorne put out in 1987!


2 comments to Stars Wars 3-D House Ad, 1987

  • This is funny – and never meant to be. Who the heck are the artists??

  • Interesting. I bought that series, but I’ve never seen this ad before. “8 issue mini-series” it says. I only ever saw 3 issues published, although some sources said there were 4 for a while.

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