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Joe Esposito – “You’re the Best”

Yep, the song used during the ORIGINAL Karate Kid‘s tournament montage. (Gonna pass on seeing this weekend’s “remake,” I mean, come on, please.)

Very interesting from the song’s Wikipedia entry:

…the song was originally intended for the Rocky III soundtrack but was replaced by “Eye of the Tiger”. It was subsequently also turned down for the Flashdance soundtrack in favor of “Maniac” by Michael Sembello.

Well, I think we should all collectively thank director John Avildsen for using it in Karate Kid; it’s been immortalized, forever associated with underdog training sequences or showdowns.

Here’s the tournament montage from the film, followed by some quick comments:


1) Yep, the African American Cobra Kai student that Daniel takes out is played by Larry B. Scott — who that same year played Lamar Latrell in another 1984 classic, Revenge of the Nerds! (Blogs on that movie in the near future!)

2) I always thought the most obviously talented martial artist in the tournament is the Asian guy who kicked some serious Cobra Kai ass, until Johnny defeats him in the semi-finals. I looked him up, and that’s Darryl Vidal…there’s a fantastic web page on him right HERE.

3) The end of this tournament montage is kind of a rip-off; Daniel sorta quietly defeats Dutch, who is arguably the biggest Cobra Kai asshole. Even more so than Johnny. Love to have seen Daniel take him out with a more powerful win, roundhousing Dutch’s stupid bleached blond head, or something. Anyway, Dutch was played by Chad McQueen…yep, son of Steve!

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