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G.I. Joe 25 Commercial

Zartan's first appearance in G.I. Joe #25.

Zartan's first appearance in G.I. Joe #25.

Cover dated July 1984 (so, it probably hit stands in March or April), Marvel’s G.I. Joe issue 25 was Zartan’s first appearance…

…the series at this point in time was white hot, with the previous two years of back issues highly sought after.

Last week we posted a blog looking back at the comic shop retailer reports within the Overstreet Price Update 4, and wanna repost one of the excerpts…

From COMICS FOR HEROES, in Chicago, IL:

“TV advertised comics such as Transformers and G.I. Joe are fast becoming the best sellers in comic shops. This method of advertising is bringing in more new readers to the hobby than any other method. It has the potential to greatly increase the comic book readership. With all the new readers entering the market, some of the hottest back issue activity is in these types of comics. G.I. Joe and Transformers are probably two of the hottest books in the market leading to quick jumps in price.”

Okay, many of you who collected during the Copper Age of Comics, will recall THIS is what he was talking about…

…man, imagine if comics had this kind of mainstream commercial support today?

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