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3-D Alien Terror, Special “2-D” Edition!

Eclipse's 3-D Alien Terror, from 1986.

Eclipse's 3-D Alien Terror, from 1986.

Love oddball comics from the mid-’80s independent boom, and Eclipse was putting out some great stuff during the era…

…their 3-D Alien Terror one-shot (red / blue 3-D glasses included) from 1986, of course emulated ’50s sci-fi. However, Eclipse demonstrated some sensitivity to those who couldn’t truly “appreciate” the 3-D; per mycomicshop.com:

3-D Alien Terror (1986) Special ’2-D’ Edition is a special printing of this comic (limited to 300 copies) that was produced for color blind readers who cannot read a standard 3-D comic.

This special edition has the same cover as the regular 3-D version, but the interior art is printed in ordinary black and white. Because the comic is NOT in any form of 3-D, no 3-D glasses were included with the comic, despite the ‘Free 3-D Glasses Included!’ notice on the cover. A very rare and unusual item, but again, not a 3-D comic!”

There you go, for the color blind…and maybe also for haters of 3-D!

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