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Predator issue 1, from June 1989.

Predator issue 1, from June 1989.

With the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators out this weekend (and getting decent reviews!), a quick look back at Dark Horse’s first Predator comic book series, released in ’89 / ’90.

Dark Horse already had a massive hit in ’88 with their Aliens series, so it was a no-brainer to continue on and license 20th Century Fox’s other interstellar killing machine…

…if memory serves, the story for DH’s first Predator series was based on an early draft of the Predator 2 screenplay; the creature running around an urban environment, picking off cops, gang members, etc.

Blatantly lifting from Wikipedia:

The events of Predator #1-4 revolve around NYC Detective Schaefer, the brother of Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer. Detective Schaefer and his partner, Detective Rasche, discover a Predator in New York City during a drug deal gone bad. Schaefer believes the Predator and a mysterious army general have a connection to his brother, Dutch, which leads Schaefer on a hunt into Colombia. There in South America Schaefer has yet another run in with a Predator as well as a Colombian drug lord – an old NYC adversary. Successfully eluding both, Schaefer is transported back to the U.S. only to find a government plot to hand him over to the Predators.

Again, that was based on an early draft of the Predator 2 screenplay…the actual movie ended up in the “jungles” of Los Angeles, with a substantially revised plot, characters, etc. But anyway.

Dark Horse’s Predator series was of course way hot (on the same level as Aliens), with the first issue peaking out in the $10 to $15 range. FYI, that first issue was reprinted, with the identical cover; the “Second Printing” differentiation was only noted on the inside front cover. Oh, and also inside that front cover, this great black & white frontispiece:


More info / resources:

If you don’t own the original Predator issues, highly recommend you head over to your local comic shop — each issue now goes for $2 to $4, so very affordable. If you’re adamant about first prints only, make sure you check that first issue’s inside front cover, per the above…

…if you prefer the story collected in a trade, check out the Copper Age Comics aStore.

The original trailers for both Predator and Predator 2 are posted on our previous blog

…oh, and while you’re Predator-ing around this site, check out the Predator 2 movie fold-out, from 1990!

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