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“Superman Test Logo” Variants, 1987

supetestlogoIn 1987, DC toyed with the idea of replacing their DC “bullet” logo, with the Superman design pictured right. The new logo was tested in select markets, on variant covers for Justice League #3 and Firestorm #61.

Let me back up: This post was just gonna be about the Justice League #3 variant cover (which I remembered well from the Copper Age as a highly collectible comic), but when I did research for this post, I was amazed to find out that a Firestorm issue also had the Supe logo variant. It’s now been duly added to our list of Key Copper Age Comics.

Remember, this was before alternate covers became commonly used as marketing tools. To me, these Supe logo covers epitomize true variants; unannounced alternate covers, with low distribution. They just “showed up.” And with the Giffen / DeMatteis / Maguire Justice League reboot already a hot series at the time, the #3 variant was an instant $50 book…a “back wall” book at conventions, and a “behind the counter” book at comic shops. (Again, had no idea about the Firestorm.)

As for what became of the Superman logo, well, it wasn’t implemented of course. Perhaps the idea was to use it just for mass market / newsstands, and keep the DC bullet for the direct market. And yep, that classic DC bullet ended up sticking around for another 18 years.

Okay, here’s the covers for Justice League #3 and Firestorm #61, the regular covers and their respective variants…


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