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McFarlane Spidey 313 Original Cover Art on eBay!

With about a day left in the auction as we post this, the current high bid is about $57,000. UPDATE: Winning bid ended up being $71,200.

Per the seller’s auction description, “I was in the comic art, and toy collectable business for 35 years, and it is my opinion, based on empirical evidence of the number of people showing up to conventions, that Todd Mcfarlane is the single most popular comic artist ever (with all due respect to Jack Kirby, God bless him).”

And Todd actually posted about this auction on his Facebook, “HOW 2 MAKE MONEY: Sold a Spidey cover I did years ago for about $700. It’s now on EBAY for over $55,000! Guess I should have asked $800.”

1 comment to McFarlane Spidey 313 Original Cover Art on eBay!

  • This was one of my favorite McFarlane covers ever mostly because it’s one of the first I had ever seen since I started collecting around that time.

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