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The Raven Banner / Warriors Three

With all the Thor related titles Marvel is / will be churning out to hype the fanboy base for next year’s movie, hope the above gets rediscovered…well, maybe, via this blog! The gorgeous ’80s Asgardian stuff, by Alan Zelenetz and Charles Vess.

Vess’ fantasy art style was of course perfectly suited for it: Marvel Graphic Novel 15, The Raven Banner was released in 1985, and then in 1987 Zelenetz and Vess did the “Warriors Three” four-parter in Marvel Fanfare issues 34 through 37. Here was the deal with the Fanfare story: as I understand it, it was also meant to be in Marvel’s (then) original graphic novel format, but for whatever reason was broken up into four comic issues.

More info / resources:

Comic Zone radio did an excellent interview with Charles Vess

…and if you’re a Copper Age collector and don’t have these, really, go get ‘em. Try your local comic shop, and if no luck, head over to mycomicshop.com. They’ve got them in stock, and are very affordable!

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