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Machine Man Promotional Poster, 1984

3 comments to Machine Man Promotional Poster, 1984

  • Loved this series! As much as I enjoyed Kirby’s original run, Barry Windsor-Smith really helped take the character to another level. (And, if I’m not mistaken, this was Little Me’s introduction to Smith, who had been away for comics during my most formative years.)

    Very Fine / Near Mint needs to review this series!


  • This series was truly freakin’ awesome. Beautifully drawn and written – a special moment in the 80s.

  • Richard Ory

    This series featured a truly awesome set of covers by Barry Windsor-Smith.
    We follow the re-construction of Machine Man’s face –
    from the image on the above poster to its ultimate completion on the 4th/final cover.
    Worth looking up.

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