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Young Master

Young Master issue 1, by Larry Hama and Val Mayerik.

Nope, that ain’t some production error or variant, all the covers to New Comics Group‘s Young Master were intentionally logoless. Per Wikipedia:

Young Master featured new stories about an ancient Japanese samurai’s adventures, as well as back-up stories of the same character reprinted from Warren Magazines, all monochrome.

The writers included Roger McKenzie, Larry Hama, and Bob Toomey, and the artist was Val Mayerik, as well as some work by Alex Nino. Mayerik painted each cover of thenine-issue series, which ran from 1987 to 1989. One notable bit of trivia is that NCG’s Young Master was the first comic printed without a title on the cover, the better to showcase Mayerik’s paintings.

The series spawned a spin-off of the Alex Nino story Demon Blade under an imprint of World of Young Master. Writer Chuck Dixon and artist Val Mayerik also produced two issues of The Master in 1989. All were edited by Valarie Jones.

Well, I definitely picked this up new off the rack, back in ’87. Actually, I grabbed at least three copies of the first issue, as a recent inventory of my collection / former dealer stock revealed (meaning, I never sold them). No regrets, as Young Master was a really beautiful looking book, and not a bad speculative bet at the time, given the mid ’80s Black & White boom!

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