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Andrew Dice Clay – “Hour Back…Get It?”

If you’re viewing this post on the day it actually posted (10/27/10), then as you read this I’m in the hospital having back surgery. Fortunately it’s a relatively brief procedure, with a fairly easy recovery…

…and thusly, in keeping with the “back” theme, I present to you for your listening pleasure / horror Andrew Dice Clay’s “Hour Back…Get It?” from his 1990 double album The Day the Laughter Died.

To quickly explain the album: At the height of Dice-mania in the late ’80s, Dice shows up unannounced at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club in NYC, Christmas time ’89. The premise? To hit the stage with no plan, no prepared material…essentially, with no jokes…

…and that actually IS the joke. That the resulting carnage is an audience that Dice basically dares to tolerate him, and assures them right from the start, he’ll be the last one to leave the room. To be there in the audience that night might’ve been torture, but to listen to it from the safety of your own home, it’s really a stunning set of performance art…okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But really, The Day the Laughter Died epitomizes commitment to a comedic concept, coming out guns blazing, and never letting up. Don’t get it? You’ll get it in an hour, back? Get it?

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