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Batman: Son of the Demon Poster

Okay, it’s been almost a year since our original post on Batman: Son of the Demon, and FINALLY found a shot online of the limited edition poster. (Pictured right, had to sharpen it up a little bit in Photoshop.)

Again, here was the deal with the poster: Shrinkwrapped within the original hardcover, there was a mail-in postcard offer for a poster version of Jerry Bingham’s cover painting…

…and I did indeed mail it on in, along with payment. Though, can’t remember what it was; $5.95? $9.95?

Then I pretty clearly remember the poster arriving in a very protective mailing tube, and the poster itself was printed on nice heavy gloss poster stock. I framed it, and at some point thereafter in the late ’80s sold it.

Yep, still regret it. Oh, how I still wonder where my Son of the Demon poster is now…

1 comment to Batman: Son of the Demon Poster

  • Nick

    I have one of these posters. It is one of the 1st one hundred. Signed. What is it worth?

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