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First issue of Eclipse's Airboy revival, from 1986.

Though I’ve always had an appreciation for it, it’s only been in recent years I’ve REALLY gotten into the aesthetics of ’40s aviator and retro-futuristic design. Among my favorites would (of course) be Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer and Bradley W. Schenck’s Retropolis.

Eclipse’s Airboy series is something I’ve now (finally!) started collecting back issues of, albeit almost 25 years after-the-fact.

Per Wikipedia:

“In 1986, Eclipse Comics published a new Airboy series, updated to the modern era, starring the son of the original character.

The strip reintroduced many of the supporting characters from the old series, such as Valkyrie and a Japanese fighter pilot named Hirota, and guest-starred many of the characters who had appeared as backups in the original comics.

Chuck Dixon scripted with the occasional assistance of Tim Truman, with Truman, Ron Randall and Stan Woch the main illustrators. The second Airboy series ended in 1989 after 50 issues. Eclipse ceased operations in the early 1990s, and its characters were acquired by Todd McFarlane.”

As for that initial 50 cent cover price, those bi-weekly issues were thin comics, 16 or so pages. Later on in its run, Airboy‘s page count (and cover price) were increased, and the series went monthly with issue #33.

Okay, a handful of my favorite Airboy covers, by artists with obvious reverence for that classic aviation style…

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