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X-Men Button Set, 1984

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1988 Oscar Winners Montage

Well, this would be for films released in 1988; the actual Oscar ceremony was of course in ’89. Here’s a nicely edited montage of stills, set to the Best Song that year, “Let the River Run,” by Carly Simon for . . . → Read More: 1988 Oscar Winners Montage

Hiatus Week…

We’re gonna be taking off this week from Very Fine / Near Mint, to focus on some outside projects that are in dire need of attention…sure you understand. Planning on being back with daily(ish) new posts of Copper Age era nostalgia on February 27th!

In the meantime, make sure you browse through our archives (categorized in the . . . → Read More: Hiatus Week…

Last Dragon Club Fight

Incredibly entertaining fight scene. And the Johnny in this one is a good guy, as opposed . . . → Read More: Last Dragon Club Fight

Atlantis Attacks Sponge(!), 1989

Certainly one of the more unique giveaways of the Copper Age era, promoting Marvel’s 1989 event that ran through . . . → Read More: Atlantis Attacks Sponge(!), 1989

Catwoman House Ad, 1988

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TMNT Movie Trailer, 1990

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