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We’re gonna be taking off this week from Very Fine / Near Mint, to focus on some outside projects that are in dire need of attention…sure you understand. Planning on being back with daily(ish) new posts of Copper Age era nostalgia on February 27th!

In the meantime, make sure you browse through our archives (categorized in the left sidebar, scroll down for them), including our feature articles:

List of Key Copper Age Comics (1984 – 1991) – What were the hot books during the era, and also what has emerged as a key since!

The Mid ’80s Black & White Boom / Bust – The independent gold rush in the wake of Turtles, Adventurers, Grips, etc.

Is it CGC worthy? – Our thoughts on slabbing Copper Age era books.

Industry Interview: Carl Potts – The longtime Marvel editor and Alien Legion creator looks back at the Copper Age of Comics; the creative and production process during the era, marketing comics years before anyone knew what the “internet” was, and mentoring (then new) artists like Mike Mignola and Jim Lee!

MTV Remote Control Retrospective – An in-depth behind-the-scenes of MTV’s be-all end-all original game show, that launched many careers. Includes interviews with Colin Quinn, Kari Wuhrer, and the late and very missed Ken Ober.

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