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Original Art: New Mutants Promo Piece, 1984

Initially used for a promotional poster when Sienkiewicz started his now legendary run on New Mutants, the shot below is of the ORIGINAL piece, a part of David Mandel’s very impressive collection of original art. And he notes, “…yes that is real circuit board that Bill just stuck on there.” F’awesome.

2 comments to Original Art: New Mutants Promo Piece, 1984

  • BC

    I had this poster when it was new, and it was thrown away behind my back. I’ve mourned it ever since; I consider it the first piece of art I ever owned, though over the past few decades my memory of it has faded. But I remembered the diodes, and Dani up front. I’ve been looking for another one since I realized mine was gone, or even just a photo of it, and this is the first time I have. I can’t believe it.

    If anyone knows where I can find one, please, tell me.

  • blackhartj

    I have one and its in great condition just been rolled up. Contact me anytime at allen.jacob87@gmail.com

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