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Holiday Hiatus Week…

We’re gonna be taking the rest of this week off from Very Fine / Near Mint, for some fun start-of-summer stuff. Planning on being back with daily new posts of Copper Age era nostalgia on Monday, June 6th!

In the meantime, make sure you browse through our archives (categorized in the left sidebar, scroll down . . . → Read More: Holiday Hiatus Week…

Batmania ’89 Category!

The infamous Bat-logo "June 23" teaser poster.

You may have noticed on the left sidebar a new featured category: Batmania ’89.

For those of you who were collecting comics during the Copper Age — and if you’re on this site, very good chance you were — you remember the months of hype / . . . → Read More: Batmania ’89 Category!

Siskel & Ebert review Batman

. . . → Read More: Siskel & Ebert review Batman

Jay Didillo’s Birthday: March 8th

Once again, tying into recent events, we were rifling through our Copper Age era issues of Marvel Age, and an amazing find: on the March 1985 Birthday Calendar (Marvel Age‘s back cover), they wish Jay Didillo a Happy Birthday! Apparently at the time, he was involved with Marvel’s Star line of comics, for the . . . → Read More: Jay Didillo’s Birthday: March 8th

What If…? 7 and 10

Marvel’s 1989 What If…? relaunch was fairly successful overall, but as far as individual issues of the series go, these be the ones that collectors were most after during the Copper Age.

Rob Liefeld doing the cover and interior pencils (over Jim Valentino’s layouts) with Scott Williams inking, for issue 7′s What If Wolverine was an Agent . . . → Read More: What If…? 7 and 10

The Cars – “Drive” at Live Aid

Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn interviews Ben Orr at Live Aid, 1985.

With the surviving members of The Cars reunited for a new album and tour, nice timing to again look back at Live Aid – the definitive concert of the ’80s — specifically “Drive” as performed by bassist and co-lead singer, the late Ben Orr.

Featuring . . . → Read More: The Cars – “Drive” at Live Aid

Batman 1989 – “The Making of a Hero” Documentary

Part 1 of 3; when the embedded video ends, Parts 2 and 3 are clickable to continue watching the . . . → Read More: Batman 1989 – “The Making of a Hero” Documentary