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Original Art: ‘Mazing Man 12 Cover

We already had this post scheduled for the near future anyway, but pushed it up a bit in light of Bleeding Cool’s news last week that the iconic splash page of Batman and (Carrie Kelley) Robin from The Dark Knight Returns #3, sold at auction for an astounding $448,125.

Nope, the below isn’t that piece, rather Frank Miller’s one-off contribution to the cover of  ‘Mazing Man 12, the last issue of the series, also from 1986. Scroll below to see it actually composited into the “other half” of Stephen DeStefano’s cover for the issue — also, note that somewhere along the way during production, additional work was done on Robin’s cape. (Oh, and hey, this is yet ANOTHER original art piece out of the ridiculously f’awesome collection of David Mandel!)

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  • Greg

    One of my favorite series of not just the Copper Age, but of all time. Met Karl Kesel at Emerald City Comicon a couple of months ago and he was thrilled to see that I’d brought issues 1 & 12 to have him sign.

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