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The Cars – “Drive” at Live Aid

Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn interviews Ben Orr at Live Aid, 1985.

With the surviving members of The Cars reunited for a new album and tour, nice timing to again look back at Live Aid – the definitive concert of the ’80s — specifically “Drive” as performed by bassist and co-lead singer, the late Ben Orr.

Featuring somehow simultaneously upbeat and haunting background synths, and a beautifully controlled vocal performance by Orr (both on the studio and live versions), “Drive” was The Cars’ biggest international hit, and the band’s highest charting single in the United States.

Two videos embedded below, 1) The performance of “Drive” at Live Aid, and 2) An interview with Ben Orr later in the day by original MTV VJ’s Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn. (Note that the interview is coming right off of the Led Zeppelin reunion set.)

Ben Orr, you’re greatly missed, and we hope that the current Cars tour is being dedicated to you…

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