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Batmania ’89 Category!

The infamous Bat-logo "June 23" teaser poster.

You may have noticed on the left sidebar a new featured category: Batmania ’89.

For those of you who were collecting comics during the Copper Age — and if you’re on this site, very good chance you were — you remember the months of hype / anticipation leading up to the first Tim Burton Batman movie, then it finally arriving (and bulldozing box office opening records), and then the furor subsiding during the second half of ’89.

For us fanboys (was the term even around during the Copper Age?), it was simultaneously astounding and vindicating that the dark Batman we knew — at least since Frank Miller’s 1986 Dark Knight — became a mass market cultural phenomenon, and comic books as both a hobby and an industry went into the public spotlight.

Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton in full costume for a 1989 publicity shot.

And thusly, our nostalgia for Batmania ’89 warranting its own category, given the first Batman movie’s (and the marketing / merchandising around it) impact on both pop-culture and the comic book sub-culture. Okay, so when you click on Batmania ’89 on this site, a few things to remember…

1) It’s a CATEGORY, not a standalone feature. So, that means it’s a collection of blog posts, all categorized under Batmania ’89, with more articles added here and there as time goes by. We already have quite a number of posts, including videos.

2) A post on a Batman comic won’t necessary fall into the Batmania ’89 category. Contingent on what Batman comic we’re posting about, and the content of the post; if we mention the movie’s impact on demand for that specific Batman issue during the time, then yes, of course the post falls into the category. Perfect example of inclusion would be our New England Comics’ “Batman Back Issue Disclaimer” post.

3) Enjoy the nostalgia! Batman trailer below…

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