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CopperAgeComics.com relaunched!

Formerly a one-pager, we’ve now updated and fleshed it out a bit.

CopperAgeComics.com still of course features our basic definition and trends of the Copper Age of Comics, however we’ve also now added:

  • Links to some back issues by our favorite Copper Age creators; an evolving work-in-progress, we have dozens (if not hundreds) of writers and artists to add to the list.
  • An update of the Copper Age Comics aStore — some of the best hardcover and trade paperback collections of material from the era.
  • And hey, a link back to Very Fine / Near Mint (the site you’re on right now), making it the official blog of Copper Age Comics!

Click on over to CopperAgeComics.com, and enjoy the comic book nostalgia…difficult to believe how many years have passed!

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