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Tales of the Teen Titans 44

An early Copper Age key issue; the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, as part of the classic Wolfman / Perez “Judas Contract” arc! Oh, and we’d be remiss not to . . . → Read More: Tales of the Teen Titans 44

Captain America 332

The “Cap quits!” issue is of course a Key Copper Age Comic, and we had a previous post showing Marvel’s teaser / promo poster for it. Classic Mike Zeck / Klaus Janson cover…Happy President’s . . . → Read More: Captain America 332

Repost: Ball Busting Boston Brothers, 1991

We posted once before, but SO worthy of a revisit: comic book collecting brothers, with their New England accents, presenting some of their prized back issues . . . → Read More: Repost: Ball Busting Boston Brothers, 1991

Heart – “Never”

. . . → Read More: Heart – “Never”

Bad News Brown wants a title shot! From 1990…

. . . → Read More: Bad News Brown wants a title shot! From 1990…

CopperAgeComics.com relaunched!

Formerly a one-pager, we’ve now updated and fleshed it out a bit.

CopperAgeComics.com still of course features our basic definition and trends of the Copper Age of Comics, however we’ve also now added:

Links to some back issues by our favorite Copper Age creators; an evolving work-in-progress, we have dozens (if not hundreds) of writers and artists to . . . → Read More: CopperAgeComics.com relaunched!

Seriously? It’s NewMutants98.com!

A ways back we blog posted about New Mutants 98 — Deadpool’s debut — and how it’d been fetching some pretty unbelievable prices on eBay, for a book that’s theoretically in mass supply. That was then. It’s since gone pretty much into the stratosphere, oofa.

Cut forward a couple of years, and we noticed that the domain . . . → Read More: Seriously? It’s NewMutants98.com!