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Super Powers: Galactic Guardians Making-Of

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Batmania ’89 Category!

The infamous Bat-logo "June 23" teaser poster.

You may have noticed on the left sidebar a new featured category: Batmania ’89.

For those of you who were collecting comics during the Copper Age — and if you’re on this site, very good chance you were — you remember the months of hype / . . . → Read More: Batmania ’89 Category!

20/20 “Batman’s Back” Story, 1989

Video in two parts…enjoy the Copper Age blockbuster nostalgia!

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Bed Bugs Commercial, 1985(ish)

Okay, so, there’s been a lot of news stories lately in the NYC area (and on CNN.com), that bed bug cases have been on the rise…

…which prompted a vague memory of the below. Professional exterminators take note, THIS is how . . . → Read More: Bed Bugs Commercial, 1985(ish)

Voltron Toy Line Ad / Commercial

Ad that ran on the back cover of DC titles in 1985, from Panosh Place for their Voltron toy line. The print ad, followed by a . . . → Read More: Voltron Toy Line Ad / Commercial