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WonderCon 1988 Review

Credit The Beat for making us aware of this promotional video, produced to encourage more publishers, dealers, etc., to exhibit at the . . . → Read More: WonderCon 1988 Review

List of Comic News Magazine and Price Guides

Comics Scene was published by Starlog, and focused on comic book TV and movie adaptations. Scan courtesy of milehighcomics.com

Okay, here we’ve compiled a list of Comic News Magazines and Price Guides that were in existence at any point during the Copper Age of Comics (1984 – 1991) Did we miss anything? Please let . . . → Read More: List of Comic News Magazine and Price Guides

Thoughts on CGC “slabbed” Copper Age Comics…

An excerpt from a letter published in the October 1989 edition of Overstreet’s Price Update, which we’ve had a past blog on:

“…I feel some impartial office or ‘council on grading’ needs to be established. I know if I’m buying a $500 or $1000 or whatever book, I wouldn’t mind at . . . → Read More: Thoughts on CGC “slabbed” Copper Age Comics…

Overstreet’s Price Update 4, 1985

Mike Saenz' Shatter cover, for the 1985 Overstreet Price Update.

Okay, here we have some short excerpts from the market reports within Oversteet’s Price Update issue 4, from 1985. Shatter cover provided by Mike Saenz.

At this point (earlier on in its run) the OPU was only being published once a . . . → Read More: Overstreet’s Price Update 4, 1985

Westfield Subscription Service Ad, 1984

. . . → Read More: Westfield Subscription Service Ad, 1984

Overstreet’s Price Update 10

Paul Chadwick's Halloween-themed Concrete cover, for the OPU's October 1989 issue.

Paul Chadwick's Halloween-themed Concrete cover, for the OPU's October 1989 issue.

Okay, comic book retailer reports that were written late summer 1989, for publication in the October 1989 issue of Overstreet’s Price Update.

These are select short excerpts (by far not complete) from some of the market reports. Interesting to compare what was forecasted to happen, to what happened in the short-term, then to what happened in the long-term…

…but great collecting (speculating) nostalgia from a snapshot in time! Here we go…


“The price limit for most comic buyers appears to be $1.50. Any comic which costs below $1.00 is more likely to sell in greater quantities than those at $1.50 or more. New comic sales may be good, but most of the sales come from those priced less than $1.50. Thus, more copies of Spider-Man are being sold at $1.00 each than new issues of The Question at $1.75.

The threat to the comic market is that with more and more expensive comics being released, comic buyers will not have enough money to buy it all. An excellent example of this was the prestige format glut last December.”

From SUPER GIANT BOOKS & COMICS, in North and South Carolina:

“What we do see is an increased emphasis on buying a comic after it has increased in value. It seems to a lot of buyers, a new comic for $1.25 or a back issue for a buck is ho-hum stuff. But let that comic go to five bucks, and suddenly they are interested. Some of these folks are speculating the $5 comic will climb to $10 or $20.”

From CLIFF’S BOOKS, in Deland, FL:

“Well, the summer of ‘The Bat’ is winding down, and what a summer it was. The movie had only been out for a few weeks and things were really getting stupid at my shop. People were buying ‘Bat’ anything in a frenzy reminiscent of sharks feeding on fresh chum.

Independents. Dark Horse has definitely taken over the top spot — outselling everyone else (even the Turtles) 5 to 1. I have had sellouts on both the Predator books as well as the second volume of Aliens. Predator #1 is selling briskly for $5 and Aliens Vol. II is moving well at $4. All the back issues of Aliens Vol. 1 have been doing well.”

From KEITH CONTARINO in Powder Springs, GA:

“Recent Marvel Back Issues: Punisher, War Journal, Wolverine, and Spider-Man continue to sell well. War Journal #6 has settled at $8 and #7 at $4. We sold many Spider-Man #’s 298 and 300 at $12 at the Fantasy Fair. We had over 40 copies each of 301-310 in our retailer boxes and are now almost wiped out of those numbers.”

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Comic Inventory Program Ad, 1985

This ran in a 1985 issue of Overstreet’s Price Update!

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