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Where to buy Copper Age Comic Back Issues, Hardcovers, and Trade Paperbacks


If you’re looking to buy Copper Age back issues, we first encourage you to support your local comic book retailer! To find a retailer in your area, use the Comic Shop Locator.

To purchase back issues online, we highly recommend mycomicshop.com. In addition to great pricing and free shipping for orders over $50, their easy to navigate site can get quite addictive; you’ll not only find what you’re looking for, but you’ll also stumble across tons of great titles you probably never even heard of! Be sure to sign-up for their weekly discount codes.

Of course, there’s also eBay. Yes, there’s some great deals to be had there, but try to avoid getting caught up in bidding wars…you can end up paying more than you should! If you’re inexperienced in buying on eBay, listening to this podcast will be very helpful.


Hey, though we personally love collecting the “real deal” original back issues, we totally understand those who prefer trade paperbacks and / or hardcovers. Please visit our Amazon aStore for the best in Copper Age Comic collections!